Are We Friends Yet?


I’m Janette, a writer, word artist, creative tinkerer and lover of humanity.

Ever since I can remember l have been utterly fascinated with language. Expanding my vocabulary was my idea of child’s play. I have been intrigued by how persuasive and influential deliberately chosen words can be.

As an observer of the world around me, I spend a considerable amount of time thinking, feeling, overanalysing and feeling some more.

I have always been highly sensitive, empathetic and emotional, traits that enable me to absorb a torrent of information moment by moment, if I don’t write I have this frustrating sensation of being emotionally backed-up.

I have this incessant need to process until I can articulate my thoughts and ideas in a language that real people can relate to. For me that is the point, I write not to fill in blank space or impress with cleverly strung sentences, words that wow but lack authenticity, I write to create opportunities for human connection. My intention is to use my writing knack to close the distance, bride the gap and pull people together through the exchange of meaningful information.



I’m Kimmie, an artist, designer and digital nomad.

Design is my work, my play and my worldview. I am naturally inclined to think visually and this makes this kind of profession feel less like work and more like breathing.

I am a firm believer in negative space, in a sleek and contemporary style, without clutter, never distracting from the integrity of the narrative.


ABN: 93 115 701 690